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Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 8:00pm


Special Opening Act: JAYMIE GERARD with Geb Zurburg

Barnaby Bright
JAYMIE GERARD with Geb Zurburg

Barnaby Bright

For the uninitiated….

It is useful to know that Barnaby Bright, is not one, but rather two stellar musicians, consisting of husband/wife team, Rebecca and Nathan Bliss. Those familiar with the pair know that Barnaby Bright’s unique sound, comprised of personal, connective lyrics, powerful vocals and depth-defying harmonies, defies simple categorization. And lately, Barnaby Bright’s star has certainly been shining bright.

Since the release of their first album, “Wake the Hero” in 2008, Barnaby Bright has garnered high accolades for their songwriting and sound. Grand prize winners of the NY Song Circle competition, Barnaby Bright’s music has also been featured on national television to soundtrack heavy moments on shows such as “ER” and “Days of our Lives”. Their follow up EP, “Gravity” was named one of the top 100 records of the year by Amazon. com. Recently transplanted to Nashville, these former New York residents continue touring in support of their brand-new full-length record, “The Longest Day,” gracing such notable venues as Lincoln Center and NPR’s “Mountain Stage” in West Virginia, sharing the stage with music notables the Lumineers and Norah Jones.

Barnaby Bright takes their inspiration from literature, human behavior, fascinating people they’ve met on the road and a bit of fantasy. Expressed through vocals, multiple guitars, ukulele, harmonium, banjo and keyboard, to name a few, they will take you on an emotional journey you won’t soon forget.
“Honestly, I haven’t felt this good at a folk-rock gig since seeing the Indigo Girls in their prime. Barnaby Bright has a graceful, uplifting energy reminiscent of the Indigos, but also have a virtuosity that is extremely unique. Becky can be festive but also sings with a mesmerizing stateliness that evokes Mary Fahl of the October Project at times, while Nate’s vocals and guitar playing are gifted and creative throughout. They have a special chemistry that helps erase cynicism while giving hope that the best is yet to come.”
–Steve Morse, former longtime staff critic at the Boston Globe, Billboard Magazine & Rolling Stone

“Confessional folk-pop can be very hit or miss, but with their thoughtful production, diverse sonic palette, and insightful turns-of-phrase, married couple Nathan and Rebecca Bliss, aka Barnaby Bright, have knocked this one out of the park.”
–Amazon.com: Featured Artists August 2011

“When a duo fills a space like a group at least twice its size, there’s no doubt some seriously skilled musicianship at work.”
-Three Village Patch

“A melodic acoustic sound that is unpretentious and genuine.”
-Out In The Woods- Eileen Ivers (with Barnaby Bright)

“Sounds like: that special place somewhere between the sleek adult pop of The Weepies and the more intimate harmonied splendor of The Civil Wars…classically-trained vocalist Becky has an effortless, gorgeous tone while multi-instrumentalist Nathan adds harmony and a virtual kit bag of backing sound.”
-Direct Current: Barnaby Bright- Gravity

“In New York City, a place where hunger for success and trading love for fame is as common as pretzel vendors and Starbucks, the discovery of a duo pure of heart, mind, and talent is both refreshing and inspiring. There’s something so natural and uncontrived about the music and harmonies seeping out of these lyrically-driven folk artists, that you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the soulful intricacy of power couple Nathan and Becky Bliss, better known to audiences as Barnaby Bright.”

-NYC Art Scene: Barnaby Bright: Simply “Bliss”ful

JAYMIE GERARD with Geb Zurburg

To describe this NJ-native as prolific would be an understatement. With over 600 original songs in genres across the board (folk, acoustic, pop, rock, dance, children’s music, political, Americana…), it is easy to find music in Jaymie Gerard’s catalog that moves you. As a songwriter, she has been influenced by the likes of John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Ray LaMontagne and Aimee Mann, yet she maintains her own voice, her own sound, and her own image.

A seasoned performer, Jaymie has been sharing her original songs with the public for over 16 years. On stage, she grabs hold of the hearts and minds of her audience; her honesty and approachability allows listeners to connect and engage naturally.

Jaymie draws inspiration from the world around her – books, short stories, friends, family, and strangers she meets in her travels and day to day. More recently, her music has taken a distinctive turn towards folk, as she enjoys the storytelling aspect of the genre.

Now partnered with her husband, Geb Zurburg, also a talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Jaymie’s music has reached a new level of intimacy. Their latest release, Acoustic Sessions (EP), features a handful of thought-provoking, emotional songs including a duet with Geb entitled, “Loved Enough.”

Her 2010 releases (Ain’t Life Sweet EP & Black-Eyed Susans EP) were an exploration of production, pushing the limits of “pop music” by infusing it with meaningful content. Both EP’s have been receiving a good deal of streaming airplay.

Jaymie has performed at numerous venues in the tri-state area, as well as music festivals in NJ (Black Potatoe Music Fest., Wave Gathering Emergence Festival, NJ Folk Festival) and NH (Keene Music Festival).