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Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 8:00pm

Lipbone Redding with Special Guest Shun Ng

Lipbone Redding
Shun Ng

Lipbone Redding

Making a leap of faith in 1998, Lawrence "Lipbone" Redding began playing in the subways of Manhattan. An already accomplished performance artist and aspiring songwriter, he honed his craft in the late-night cathedrals and underground labyrinth of the New York City Transit system. In 2001, Lipbone began an epic adventure that is still unfolding. He traveled to South America where he witnessed the power of music opening the hearts and homes of strangers. He was struck with a revelation that music was the key to spirituality and community.

Upon his return to the states, Lipbone loaded up his little camper truck, "The Beautiful Flying Machine," and made his way from town to town via the highways and byways of America. Sleeping by rivers and in forests, playing music in small venues, campuses and communities, he remained diligent in his dream of a sustainable life comprised of music, travel and creativity. In 2003, his travels led him to San Francisco, where he performed for early morning yoga classes and in the clubs at night, quickly earning a reputation as a versatile artist with a positive message. It was in San Francisco that he was introduced to the music of India and South Asia. That same year he followed the Ganges in India into the Himalayas. There he remained for a year, living in ashrams, and playing music with local masters.

Lipbone returned to NYC in 2005 playing 6 nights a week. He formed the Lipbone Orchestra and composed music for world famous choreographer Bill T. Jones. The show, featuring Lipbone's unique vocal talents, toured to France, Spain and Italy. He and his fellow artists' efforts received a 2007 Obie Award for best collaboration and Toronto's Dora Mavis Moorer Award for best production.Several of Lipbone's songs have become Americana and Jamband radio hits throughout the U.S. and he can be heard on NPR, Internet and Community radio stations, as well as in tv and film sound tracks.

Since he first began in the subway, Lipbone has released 8 albums and many live recordings selling thousands worldwide and with his blessing, pirated by many more. He has collaborated with artists, musicians, theater & dance troupes, and toured widely, performing over 200 shows a year.
Here's the buzz on Lipbone...

"Unpretentious. unadulterated, unique music, the "Lipbone" is used as a secret weapon. A pleasure to hear, and a must see. Electrifying!" -- Rick Schneider, Music Director, WKZE

Shun Ng

Born in Chicago and raised in Singapore, Shun Ng (pronounced "Eng") is an award-winning fingerstyle guitar virtouso, singer and songwriter. Known for his truly unique and masterful style which infuses elements of soul, funk, blues and jazz, Shun dazzles audiences from all over the world with his flamboyant technique, soulful vocals and hypnotic groove. He stands as one of the most dynamic and innovative performers, winning accolades from legendary producer, Quincy Jones to fellow fingerstyle virtuoso, Tuck Andress.

This year, Shun was awarded the Songwriters Hall of Fame Holly Prize, which was created in honor of Buddy Holly. He was honored at the 47th annual awards ceremony and gala, where Elvis Costello, Marvin Gaye, Tom Petty an Nile Rogrs were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Shun also has a duo with Magic Dick, co-founder of the legendary J. Geils Band and harmonica player, as well as a project entitiled "Shun Ng and The Shunettes".

Witnessing Shun's dynamic performance live is an unrivaled experience that is not to be missed.
Here's what industry insiders are saying about Shun Ng...

"You won't believe your eyes nor your ears, he belies all stereotypes, all premonitions. I was simply blown away by both his soul and his science -- his creativity and his uniqueness is astounding."
-- Quincy Jones, Producer

"..I was immediately impressed with Shun's playing. I don't think i can emphasize enough to you how impressed I was and why I was impressed with his approach and his playing. I was impressed with Shun's composition and the way he played and his use of space..."
-- Magic Dick, J Geils Band

"Shun has a unique (and possibly one-of-a-kind) way of playing guitar. At times percussive, at times melodic, at times harmonic, he can sound like h's playing both a bass guitar and guitar simultaneously."
-- Suze (suzereviewstheblues.com)